UC Project was established for the fans of Gundam Universal Century series. We specialize in collecting manga and model building art books from Japan. Meanwhile, we spent a lot of time, resources and effort to collect second hand and out of print illustration books for Gundam fans worldwide.

gundam manga showcase

Please be aware that International shipping can take up to 8 weeks time. The average wait is 10 to 14 working days but we have had packages take as long as 8 weeks. Please contact us through info@gundamucproject.com if you haven't received your package in 7 weeks time and we will see if we can locate it. 

Any question is welcome. Please do not hesitate to select your favorite items on our website. Thanks for visiting our shop and we hope to serve you in the future.

*** Buyers interested in bulk purchase please contact us at sales@gundamucproject.com for more information.***