Mobile Suit Gundam 40th Anniversary Album ~BEYOND~

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"Mobile Suit Gundam 40th Anniversary Project", SUGIZO, who knows the time of broadcasting and still professes to be an ardent fan, has been appointed as a general music producer, and the OP theme of the TV anime "Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN Eve Red Comet".
These songs are put together in one piece, including the cover songs from wide range of singers gathered are recorded in this album. It is one of the dreams that has come true now, which is also a must-have item for U.C. fans.
  • Media format: CD & Bluray
  • Release Date: 2020-06-24
  • Disc length: 62:23 (Disc 1) / 40:48 (Disc 2)
  • Language: Japanese
  • Classification: Vocal
  • No. of Disc: 2CD+1BD
  • Condition: New
 Disc 1 Track List (1-13) Length  Disc 2 Track List (1-8) Length
1. Space Poem ~Higher and Higher~ / Luna Sea 05:10 1. Stardust Hourglass / Takayuki Hattori feat. yu-yu 05:49
2. Meguriai / SUGIZO feat. Glim Spanky 05:36 2. By Your Side / Kaori Sawada 04:44
3. Tragic Beauty / Luna Sea 04:46 3. Kazeyo 0074 / Takayuki Hattori feat. Takumi Ishida 04:43
4. With Love for the water star / SUGIZO feat. Kom_I 04:31 4. Eien no Astraea / Kou Shibasaki 05:31
5. Beyond The Time -Beyond the Mobius Universe / Luna Sea 05:13 5. Beyond the Universe / Hiroko Moriguchi 05:36
6. A Red Ray / SUGIZO feat. Miwa 04:53 6. Don't Say Good bye / Kaori Sawada 04:04
7. Hikari no Hate / SUGIZO feat. Aina the End (BiSH) 06:26 7. I CAN'T DO ANYTHING -Space / Takayuki Hattori feat. AYA 05:25
8. Sorrowful Warrior / ACE of Spades 03:58 8. Broken tears / Masayoshi Yamazaki 04:51
9. EGO <SODv> / Hiroyuki Sawano feat. mizuki & SUGIZO 03:57
10. Ash Like Snow / BiSH 04:19
11. Human Touch / OAU 04:14
12. Beginning / SUGIZO 03:45
13. THE BEYOND / Luna Sea 05:35
"Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN Eve Red Comet" OP / ED Video Collection
OP / ED Video Special Commentary
"Mobile Suit Gundam 40th Anniversary Project" PV
WALL-G "GUNDAM 40th Special Movie"

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