AMX-011S Zaku III Custom

ZAKU III Custom was my first full Body Resin Build, ever since I saw the preorder for it, I didn’t care about the price I just wanted it, but as most of you will know it was cancelled, but some company or I don’t know made a copy of it in china and yeah I immediately bought one.

Zaku III Custom

It was a challenge for me to start my first experience with Resin Kits going all out at a full build, I really did learn a lot while building this kit and made a lot I mean a lot of mistakes, but in the end I think and believe it came out looking pretty damn good.

Zaku III Custom parts

The things that you really need to do and are a must are to always make a quick build just to see if everything goes together right, second wash the Resin very well, put it in either Resin Wash or Any kind on dish washing detergent for at least 24hrs and then with an old tooth brush clean it well.

Zaku III Custom painted parts
Thirdly plan your paint before painting, it will really make it much easier for you to do masking type. Also do try and buy the original Resin Kits instead of the copy ones, I know they are more difficult to find and the copy ones are cheaper, but trust me they are way better, I myself have copy resin kits and also original they are very much better, most of them don’t require any cleaning nor what so ever, so yeah if you can do buy the original.
Zaku III Custom painted parts

And lastly enjoy it, really building model kits of any kind should always be enjoyable, if your stressed out just leave it and come back to it after to feel your relaxed. Hope this build will make you want to start your own challenge and test yourself.

Zaku III Custom

If you want to learn more about the builder's profile, please follow IG: @onlyreda82

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