Zaku II Custom - War Chief

Zaku II Custom - War Chief

Zaku II Custom “War Chief", this fun guy was entered into the gunpla hermits page contest. Had to be original, built and painted in two months, and judged by 3 judges with no online showing off. I came in as runner up with a lot of love for the crust on this guy! Starting off his base was Badgers Rez style Gray primer, very thick and great for a heavy coat that will be protected. Next is a gloss coat of vallejo gloss. Vallejo Mecha green and tamiya deep greens were used for his classic zaku scheme, I just couldn’t change it, to much of a classic. Red accents from tamiya flat red everywhere and tamiya leaf gold.

Zaku II Custom - War Chief

Weathering Skill

For starters weathering is done in many many layers for me, don’t expect a good weathering coat off the bat. I like to start with a brown or black for chipping (vallejo mecha chipping brown here) to hit edges and patches that normally would see some wear and tear or get knocked around in battle. 

Zaku II Custom Legs

Metal Colors

Afterwards I like hitting that with some metal colors dry brushed on in corners and some big patches of chipping really make it look like it’s wearing down to the bone of the mech.. then light rust wash and heavy rust wash, coupled with makeup sponge/dry brushing on tamiya putty in spots to help give definition or “crust" to rusty areas. I used Vallejo’s light and heavy rust wash to achieve that effect and ran it lightly in areas I want drip or pooling. Wanted rust here to signify it sat in a land warehouse with water damage, and then fuel and oil leaks leaving rust running down the legs. GM head trophies are optional. Vallejo satin top coat.

For business enquiry or custom order, please contact builder's IG: @scaledynamic

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