Zaku II Custom - Jaburo Invasion

This small project stems from the idea of realizing three Zeon models that form part of a Jaburo invasion unit in UC 0079.

Gray Zaku II J - Jaburo Invasion
Zaku II Custom - Jaburo Invasion This basic model is a simple MG MS-06J Zaku II Ground Type, to which I replaced the shield on the right arm with a side of the same as the left wing to give the idea of a close combat unit.
Zaku II - Jaburo Invasion
After the minor amendment has been finalized, I started coloring with grey acrylic Tamiya colors with red and black details, while for my inner frame I used acrylic Tamiya gunmetal colors and steel-colored.
Zaku II - Jaburo Invasion
Finally, I applied accent liner, the decal to water and ended with a light opaque transparent acrylic.
Zaku II - Jaburo Invasion Gray Color
If you want to learn more about the builder's profile, please follow IG: @gunplaof3lakes

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