Weathered Gashapon Zaku II Head

Gashapon light blue and deep red Zaku II head. It’s a zeonic love affair I know. Rounded surfaces seem to be easier to work with and weather vs flat edges to me. These Gashapon heads are excellent for practice! Please buy some up and practice.

Red Zaku II Head

The base for each of these again was Badgers Rez style Gray (red) and white (blue) , can mix in other colors or white or black to achieve your desired primer shade vs having several individual bottles, make your majority of the mix the rez style primer.

Weathered Gashapon Blue Zaku II Head

Next after priming I pre-shaded over what was already there. For the blue on white I used clear blue on edges for heavy ore shading then filled in the areas in between with a lighter shade of tamiya clear blue. As for the red head it was tamiya gun metal for pre-shading, tamiya clear read for the head, heavier on pre-shaded areas lighter on in between. Blue head I chipped with vallejo mecha brown chipping, red I used flat black.

Weathered Gashapon Blue Zaku II Head

Then I dry brush on any scratches usually with a light silver from Mr. color, or super titanium. Blue head I pre drilled the holes before priming, so after all painting I just dab black in the hole and a little silver inside of that for the depth and realism we want to achieve of bullets working their way into a metal shell and denting it.

Weathered Gashapon Red Zaku II Head

Red I left for scratches and to be dirty from a wash, the eye screen plastic I scratched with an exact-o knife, and chipped it with my nippers. Hand painted any little details on red and top coated him. Blue obviously had much more with a small diorama added on. After doing all his damage and details and wash, I set him on a glass coaster surrounded by a modeling putty I pressed around it to simulate a head left sitting in the mud.

Weathered Gashapon Blue Zaku II Head

After drying I brushed on plenty of brown and used a glue solution to add grass to it. After which I used leftover 1/100 scale minis from the ball ver Ka and zaku 2 mg for the three little guys wandering the head for parts. Its not perfectly up to scale, but it worked in appearance and it was fun, and the final result is what mattered. Overall I had more fun with Gashapon heads than most kits!


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