RGM-79D GM Cold Districts Type (Battle Damage)

Taking battle damage to the next level was my clear goal on this GM. I wanted this kit to look like it was still in the middle of a heated battle. During the the Gunpla Fan Expo in 2020, the Meijin Kawaguchi gave a video seminar giving some of his advice from over the years.

RGN 79D GM Cold Districts Type

The one bit that stuck with me, was that no matter how you customize your Gunpla that it should be part of its story. Bullet holes form a broken line across its chest created by some very sharp tweezers and a quick dab of enamel silver. Dry brushed silver adds damage and scratches to the torso and weapons.

RGM-79D GM Cold Districts Type

A combination of dry brush and sponges, black, and grays make up the explosions on the leg, shoulder, and shield. Paint on the main visor create a dirty-damaged look to the face.I wanted this Gunpla to tell the story of a battle worn GM, showing the cost and horror of war, much like the stories found throughout Gundam.

RGM 79D GM Cold Districts Type and RX 79 [G]
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