Gundam 0079 Side Stories – All You Need to Know

What are Gundam 0079 Side Stories?

Gundam 0079 Side Stories have become a popular way for the Gundam writers to incorporate new and interesting details into the Gundam universe. The side stories have been adapted in a way to ensure that fans have a detailed understanding, but also get the entertainment they want from the Gundam series.

The Gundam side stories have different variations, exploring various characters and several storylines that occur simultaneously with the main plot. They add a different perspective for Gundam fans and even merge more details and explanations for various events throughout the series. You might not be able to get these explanations from the main plotline. The range of side stories available all occur in various timelines of the Gundam universe.

Forms of Side Stories

The Gundam 0079 side stories are mainly and most popularly available in the form of video games. They provide players with new information and plotlines that tie into the rest of the Gundam universe. With the video games, players form teams of three mobile suits in different kinds of battles.

Some Gundam side stories are also available in mangas and novels. Side stories in mangas and novels include more details and visuals that aid in making the Gundam storyline richer and elaborate. The side story mangas and novels are quite popular, but new editions have not been released recently. The video games are more recent additions to the Gundam story.

Finally, Gundam television series, specials, and movies also contain portrayals of popular Gundam side stories. The writers even change up tiny details in the on-screen portrayals of the beloved Gundam side stories. On-screen adaptations of Gundam have at times failed to live up to the expectations of the fandom as Gundam plots are highly elaborate and no amount of screen time can do them justice. The side stories often fall short of their actual potential because writers place greater concentration on the main plotline than on the side stories of Gundam 0079.

List of Gundam 0079 Side Stories

Several different Gundam side stories have been incorporated into the main story. The side stories all take place at various points of the Gundam timeline. They are quite easy to follow. If you are a fan of Gundam, you would be able to understand what is going on in the various side stories with regards to its relationship with the main plot. Even if you are not a Gundam fan, you may still be able to understand most of the side stories because there many that can be enjoyed as stand-alone plotlines.

Some of the most popular Gundam 0079 side stories include the following:

Blue Destiny

Blue Destiny was originally released as a side story video game that grew into a cult favorite of the Gundam series fandom. Blue Destiny was also released as an eight-volume manga, which was also immensely popular amongst fans. The story of Blue Destiny is quick-paced and follows some of the most beloved characters of the Gundam series.

Gundam Blue Destiny

Rise from the Ashes

Rise from the Ashes is an incredibly popular side story video game that was released in 2000 on Dreamcast. This video game was very well received and even attracted non-fans who had no idea about the Gundam universe before Rise from the Ashes.

Zeonic Front

Released in 2001, Zeonic Front is a video game that was based on the One Year War in the Gundam series. The Zeonic Front side story was released on PlayStation 2 and it was one of the first video games to stray from the typical Gundam video games format.

Lost War Chronicles

Yet another video game developed for PlayStation 2, Lost War Chronicles follows both Captain Matt Healy as he fights for the Earth Federation and Lieutenant Ken Bederstadt as he fights for the Principality of Zeon. Players can choose between the two characters and get a perspective from both sides with this unique video gaming experience.

Gundam Lost War Chronicles

Space, to the End of a Flash

Space, to the End of a Flash was a side story created for the greatly popular Mobile Suit Gundam: Encounters in Space video game. The story consists of three volumes and follows a second Pegasus class ship and its crew as they are tasked to complete an important mission in preparation for “Operation Star One”.

Importance of the Side Stories

While the Gundam 0079 Side Stories may seem inconsequential to some critical fans, they serve a very important role to broaden Gundam storyline. The side stories are great when enjoyed in relation to the rest of the Gundam universe, but they are equally interesting as isolated stories as well. Some of the reasons why the side stories are so important include:

Making the Main Story More Complete

The Gundam side stories are seamlessly tied into the main storyline to create a well-rounded universe. While the Gundam series is already intricately detailed and has been going on for quite some time, the side stories provide a perspective that helps complete the main plotlines without having to stray.

Developing a New Story for Famous Characters

Some of the most famous characters in Gundam get the chance to shine in their own stories. Some of these characters are often sidelined in the main plotline and this can be disappointing for fans, who crave more screen time for their most loved characters.

Adding to Existing Character Arcs

The side stories also manage to add more details to already existing character arcs. Some side stories manage to provide explanations for a character’s behavior, while others might provide characters with an interesting redemption arc.

Allowing More Coverage of Unexplained Plotlines

Finally, the Gundam side stories often provide explanations for loose ends that are left in the main storyline. This helps tie the whole story in and gives fans the satisfaction of always getting the explanations they need. The Gundam series ensures that its fans are always given the information they need.

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